My outfit on a dark cloudy day

Hi! I’m Fausta Parker and style is my passion. Lets talk about my outfit of the grey day. Probably you live in a country where there are many of them. And how do you feel? Depressed? Bad mood? Or you love it? I live in a country where sunshine is a routine 330 days per year and I love the grey days. Moreover, I miss them and always wait for them. This is kind of a special nostalgic mood for me. So, what I wear?
Season: warm autumn, warm spring, grey day.
For my outfit of the day I choose:
- straight black skirt with lace hem,
- turtleneck bordo ribbed jersey sweater with wide sleeve,
- black wool jacket/wide dark grey silk blazer,
- black leather ankle boots,
- black leather trapezia hand bag,
- cat eye bordo sunglasses.

Why do I think this outfit suits the grey day? As you already mentioned, black is our favorite color. Our, I mean people of the world. we just love black. unconditionally. always. Black is the color that matches with any other color.
It warms.
It makes us feel that we control the situation (yes, it's important).
It organizes.
It is stylish.
It is basic.
And it matches the grey day!
What else we need? Color. Take a plain shade of any color jersey/ sweater and vuala! Dear ladies, please don't forget to wear skirts. It is so feminine and stylish at the same time.

Silk blazer. Silk gives us a cooling effect during the summer heat and a warming coziness in a cold season. As it is natural it gives a gentle shine. This wide fit blazer makes the look more elegant yet it still remains casual. Dark grey color and material complements bordo and black colors and makes the general look more soft and sexy in a casual way. Straight skirt with lace hem looks very feminine and trendy in 2017 (lingerie style).
Also I’ve noticed that it’s so cool if your outfit matches the weather by shades of color, not colors but shades! F.e. grey day - soothing shades, shiny day - vivid shades, soft light - pastels.
These are my tips on a grey day outfit!

Credits:  Styling by   Fausta Parker  &  Photography by   Yakove™